To have the very best sound at your event is incredibly important to us. As well as being our drummer, Simon Woods-Tucker is also a professional touring sound engineer. Currently involved with the Dr Hook Timeless World Tour he brings the best and most modern technical advances used for touring in the 21st century to Superstition.

In Ear Monitors


The first thing we make use of is in ear monitors. Gone are the days of bands being incredibly loud, with guitarists turning their guitar amps up to 11! In Ear Monitoring enables each musician to have a perfect studio quality sound anywhere they perform. Each performer has a pair of discrete in ear monitors which are connected to a wireless receiver pack, meaning there are no cables going from the mixer to the performer. This enables every band member to hear each other with complete accuracy, without requiring loud monitor speakers on stage adding to the overall band volume.

As each band member is hearing each other through these earphones, there is no need for the bass player and guitarist to have amplifiers on stage, they simply connect their instrument straight into the mixer. The net result of this is that it enables us to play in any kind of environment and have a degree of control over the volume and sound in the room that other bands could only dream of.

Virtual Sound Check

This is the part where the magic literally happens. Historically there has been no substitute for a sound engineer to be present throughout the event. As every venue is different it’s always been best practice to have a sound engineer in addition to the band members in order to fine tune the mix and balance once the band are all playing together. To not have a sound engineer, which happens more often than not usually related to budget, has historically always been a compromise.

Because we use in ear monitors, and as such don’t have any backline (except the drum kit) we are able to play through a song, make a multitrack recording of us playing the song, then literally play it back from the laptop and without touching our instruments walk out into the room and hear exactly what we sound like. This then allows Simon to adjust the mix with an iPad to create the perfect mix and balance in the room. This allows us to have a truly professional sound without the additional cost of having an additional person hanging around all night (and usually taking up valuable space in a function room with a mixing desk).


If time is tight, we can playback a previously recorded song and balance with that in literally minutes. This helps us immensely at events where there is very limited time for a band to soundcheck.